We are an international creative agency & social publishing house. Helping to build a global community of responsible companies.

We develop and publish branded, content marketing strategies for activist organizations & businesses that produce sustainable products & services.

How to get
breakthrough results...


Breakthrough Strategy

We develop successful brand, content, marketing, and media strategies built around ROI focused distribution and sales funnels.

     Brand Audit
     Brand Strategy
     Content Strategy
     Marketing Strategy
     Media Strategy



We produce optimized and unique video, photo, social, and brand content that converts and engages!

     Content Production
     Commercial Video Production
     Commercial Photography Production
     Website & Landing Page Development
     Social Media Content Optimization
     Brand Development & Branding Design



We execute and analyze ROI focused marketing, placement, and media buying while managing and leveraging community growth for measurable success.

     Influencer Marketing
     Content Marketing & Placement
     Community Management
     Marketing & Sales Funnels
     Paid, Earned, & Owned Media
     Planning + Buying

Our focus is on optimizing client's long-term growth strategies. While providing education on responsible company systems, the quantum business model, and sustainable brand messaging.

Our Creative & Account Directors


River is an international creative director + community builder, and public speaker. He has spent the past 8 years helping businesses around the world develop brand based business models.  River has worked in both large  and boutique agency settings. Managing teams of insanely talented creatives ranging in size from five to over sixty. River has helped more than 90 businesses in 12 countries create brand strategy, creative content, video, animation, photography, copywriting, website design, website development, user experiences, user interfaces, and a bit of immersive experience design. Building successful marketing and content strategies. His career is now focused on creative and art direction for businesses that promote a positive impact model, helping build a global community of responsible companies.

Sean Ryan

Ryan is an inventive and forward-thinking software engineer, having held leadership roles, such as Senior Solution Architect and Chief Mobile Officer, at both Fortune 500 and startup companies. Often working in think tanks, he has managed teams and himself built custom full-stack enterprise-level systems, across multidimensional organizational structures and inter-operating business lines of operation. These systems would regularly include cloud, business intelligence, security, content management systems, custom multi-tiered workflows, distributed systems architectures, etc. He has held reputable, yet evil clients with names like Sony Pictures, Uber, Coca-Cola, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, and has vowed to now only work with those trying to increase good and happiness in the world.


Robert is a marketing expert turned director/producer. Holding senior account executive positions with silicon valley giants including LinkedIn and Clearslide, establishing relationships with new clients and consulting them on how to build their brands, generate leads, and achieve thought leadership through creative marketing solutions. He has worked internationally developing marketing strategies around video motion graphics content, leaving his corporate position to peruse his passion of creating video for brands that are bringing personal wellness into the world. Robert is an expert in video production, editing, animation, motion graphics, color grading, audio mastering, and technical equipment. He is now exclusively building companies that are producing conscious and sustainable products and services.

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