Sony Pictures

A Machine Learning Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution For Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures maintains upwards of 100 streams of incoming movie release data from various 3rd parties. Due to the different data structures and inconsistent and erratic titling of movies output by the various vendors, Sony Pictures had no way of automating the collection, storage, analytics, and reporting of this data. This led to countless, inefficient resources and man hours of manual calculation and manipulation in excel, across various lines of business.

Ryan’s team planned and implemented a system that leveraged machine learning to match up the various movie titles, building a forward-facing client portal that allowed for the manual modification of automated matches, and a middle layer that received, transformed, normalized, and stored all incoming data. Daily and on-demand processes analyzed the collected data for batch and real-time reporting.

At the end of this year-long project, the application was successfully deployed in a three-server architecture with development, staging, testing, and production environments. As a result of the success, within six months of use, the team managing the manual analytics and reporting were all re-tasked.  

The client team at Sony Pictures was excited and approved all the unique innovations Ryan's team brought to project.


Client - Sony Pictures

Owner - Sony Entertainment

Project Director - Sean Ryan O'Connor

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